Cree Turner represents what music is all about; communication, love, excitement, creativity, and soothing melodic sounds one would expect to hear in music. Born and raised in Nashville, TN Mr. Turner’s background started in the church, and a lot of the sounds heard from him are those deep rich colorful harmonies and voice tones heard in the church. Good old fashion soul singing is what Cree brings to the table with a little bit of that sweet sweet false setto anytime he opens his mouth in song. When Cree sings he quickly wins the listener’s attention by capturing the feeling and the emotion of the song. Painting a vocal picture of exactly what you’re trying to get across is what Cree Turner has to say about singing. Mr. Turner has sang with legendary singer Jerry Lawson, lead singer of a cappella group, The Persuasions. He’s opened for Musiq Soulchild, and he’s even opened for The O’Jays at the Celebrity Theatre. Cree has provided backing vocals for music prodigy Nik West, an upcoming star on the music scene. Cree Turner is a humble man with a passion for singing, writing, and creating. Get ready for an exciting escapade with Cree Turner as the sky is the limit for this gentleman! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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