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Cree Turner

Truth Is

Cree Turner represents what music is all about; communication, love, excitement, creativity, and soothing melodic sounds one would expect to hear in music. Born and raised in Nashville, TN Mr. Turner’s background started in the church, and a lot of the sounds heard from him are those deep rich colorful harmonies and voice tones heard in the church...[more]


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Cree Turner

Ordinary Man

"Put down what you’re about to do . . .&quo; Cree Turner, along with Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child, has prepared an unforgettable moment of pure adornment. The new single “Ordinary Man” does exactly what any true ballad of love should do; it pays homage to the art of chivalry in a most sensual way. The lyrics alone court the listener as Cree’s smooth and genuine vocals drive the song directly to a warm, candlelit home. With built-in flavors of gospel and Prince, there is no escaping the allure of this extraordinary piece of music.

cree turner

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